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.group domain names

.ltd domains & .group domains

There's no limit to .ltd

Represent your business online.

The web is flooded with online businesses, attempting to establish themselves in a sea of competitors. If yours is a limited company, you can register .ltd domain names to differentiate yourself, get the name you really want and shorten your address with YourBusiness.ltd instead of YourBusinessLTD.com

What’s in a name?

Your business’ name holds its reputation. If you own or manage a limited business, you want a domain that’s descriptive and memorable. With .ltd domain names, you can capture the exact name of your business and ensure it’s represented accurately online.

Exactly matches .group company name

Shorten your URL

If your company or organization ends with the word “Group”, use the .group domain to shorten your URL. For example, use legend.group instead of legendgroup.com

A sense of community

Create a sense of community within your website name by using a keyword .group that shows close bonds and connection.

Offer group services or goods

Companies that offer group services or goods can demonstrate that to website visitors by using the .group domain.

Your chance to get the perfect domain you want!

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